Base camp

Based on research and discovery
One of the things that clients appreciate about Borns B2B’s approach is the insight and intelligence that comes out of our research and discovery processes.

Based on keywords
Our keyword research reveals the precise terminology that searchers are using when looking for a specific product, service, or capability. Not only does this help with search engine optimization, but it can influence development of the brand message.

Based on what customers value
Similarities between competing businesses, products, and services can be common, at face value.

To develop an effective brand strategy, we define what is unique about your organization and its offering, compared to the rest of your industry. We ask your customers to weigh-in on the subject, too. After all, your brand should be based on what’s important to your customers and what they value most.

Based on an audience profile
In order for the B-to-B marketing tactics to be most effective, we profile the customer or prospect to be targeted.

When we create a prospect list based on a certain profile—industry code, size, location, titles of decision-makers and influencers, for example—we are able to be very intentional with the strategy, message, and offer.

Based on a new perspective
When we guide clients through discovery, they get a fresh and objective view of their company, industry, and market. With Borns B2B’s guidance, even if clients have already been down a trail, we’ll likely point out things they have walked right past before.

Base camp
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