Brandvertising results

The following is a sampling of the responses to and results of BrandvertisingSM direct marketing campaigns:

“We got #60 good leads, #20 really good leads, and #5 new customers…who’s to say it doesn’t turn into 10 new customers?” “Good customers will typically spend $100K per year.”

VP S&M (Borns’ client) after first campaign to #400 recipients in 2 states

“Wow, you have my attention!”

director of marketing and product design at Fortune 500 company (prospect of Borns’ client)

“Yours is the best direct marketing I’ve seen.”

director of marketing at mid-size B2B2C company, previously with Fortune 500 B-to-B company (Borns’ client)

“I’ve never seen anything like it…it was as easy as A+B=C.”

VP S&M (Borns’ client) response to $500K of immediate sales of equipment to new customers

“We had two lines several people deep for five hours at our conference booth due to our pre-show campaign.”

sales manager (Borns’ client)

“We received several RFQs from recipients, two of which we couldn’t get through to prior to the campaign.”

sales manager (Borns’ client)

“I told my business partner, I don’t know what this is, but I have a feeling about it. By the time I received all eight direct mail cards, I got it.”

Borns’ client’s new sales channel partner

“We didn’t want the series to stop coming.”

One of many positive comments Borns’ client heard at their conference

Our client’s website traffic spiked 600% and sustained traffic 150% due to a campaign. A subsequent campaign yielded very similar results thereby doubling site traffic in just a few months.

We have tracked as many as 103 forwards by one recipient of an email campaign. Forwards indicate to sales and marketing that there are many more interested prospects within in a given company. Investigating and learning who these influencers are is critical to increasing awareness.

Borns has identified as many as 198 leads from one campaign.

Many of Borns’ clients have reduced or replaced their advertising once Brandvertising has been implemented. These clients love the ability to measure their marketing investment and the effect on the bottom line.

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