6 basic steps for email marketing success

According to an economic impact study by the Direct Marketing Association, email marketing delivers slightly more than $45 for every dollar invested. In comparison, non-email online marketing (e.g., banner ads, pay-per-click campaigns, etc.) returns only about $20 per dollar spent.

For those of you who had to trim your budget this year, here’s the good news. Email ranks as one of the most cost-effective marketing tactics. It’s also highly trackable (who opened, forwarded, clicked) and easiest to implement. For some of these very same reasons, though, some tend to misuse, oftentimes abuse email.

Competition for the inbox remains fierce, and spam continues to be a challenge. The key to email success is building one-to-one relationships with customers via targeted, relevant messaging. So don’t email until the strategy has been completely thought out and the elements (email, web landing page, web links) are well crafted!

Here are six basic tips to ensure the success of your email campaigns:

  1. Scrub your database or build a new list; either way, continually update and enhance it.
  2. Segment your database. It may be as simple as separating your prospects from your customers or segmenting by industry.
  3. Customize your message for each audience. Engage the recipients by talking to them in the language they would relate to (ROI to the CFO, productivity to the COO, etc.)
  4. Give your email a personality. Include your name and your full contact details so the recipients know specifically who sent the email.
  5. Be CAN-SPAM compliant. This law requires businesses to stop sending email to those who request to be removed from the list, which means you need a functioning reply address or email unsubscribe/opt-out system.
  6. Provide calls to action! (e.g., register to receive a newsletter, request a case study, have a representative contact me, etc.)

Successful email marketing is not a one-time initiative. It should be a strategically planned program of mailing e-newsletters, product/service updates, and other company topics to your opt-in house list several times per year.

The goal is to nurture your leads so that in time, they will become clients. Email marketing is also a way to retain and grow your existing customer base.

We are here to help you with:

Database management
We know a good list when we see one. If you don’t have one, we’ll create one for you. Borns will guide you through the process of cleaning, updating, and enhancing your list to reach the right people.

We develop email messages that make sense in the context of other marketing initiatives. An effective email is part of a cohesive strategy, not a standalone element.

Target messaging
We are experts in developing messages that engage visitors to heed your calls to action.

We provide you detailed campaign reports that will give you intelligence on open rates, click-throughs, and forwards per recipient—things your sales force needs to know to prioritize their follow-up efforts.

Borns applies creative and strategic thinking, deliberate execution, and the stats to back them up.*

* Borns developed a pre-show BrandvertisingSM campaign targeting 416 prospects of Baker Perkins, a company known for its high-end industrial baking equipment. The direct marketing elements included email and a web landing page. Email open rates and click-throughs indicated strong interest. Borns enabled Baker Perkins to prepare for inquiries by monitoring the activity of campaign recipients on its website.

Response was immediate. Two units of the equipment featured in the campaign were sold before the trade show. Within a few weeks three more units were sold, surpassing Baker Perkins’ sales goal of two units in 12 months. All sales were made to new customers. Baker Perkins gave full credit for the $500K in sales to the BrandvertisingSM campaign.

Borns can get you started or improve your direct marketing efforts. Email us now with your objectives.

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