Borns B2B’s Marketeering publication covers a variety of business-to-business branding and marketing topics. Each issue is a quick read, yet it covers the most pertinent points and provides a checklist for evaluating your program.

  • Mobile-friendly sites have all the advantages (e.g., SEO, access, UI)

    Responsive Website Design (RWD)
    If you’re monitoring website visitors, you are seeing a continual increase in mobile devices. It is estimated that more than 50% of professionals are now using a mobile device to search online. RWD allows a web browser to detect the type of device being used and render the site accordingly. RWD improves the user experience…
    Rest of the issue: Greater brand control.

  • Organic is 8.5x more likely to be clicked than Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

    Website Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    89% of professionals use the internet when searching for other business offerings. Business people search for specific types of products and services billions of times per day. It is imperative to optimize your website…
    Rest of the issue: SEO vs. PPC; how RWD affects SEO.

  • Lead management i.e., qualify, assign, nurture, measure ROI

    Lead management
    A viable lead management program requires the combined perspectives, skills, and commitment of Sales and Marketing. When these two departments work together and develop a comprehensive lead management process, everyone wins. When it comes to managing leads, there should be one unified team: Sales & Marketing.
    Rest of issue: Nurture leads.

  • Content marketing: A holistic approach to business health

    Content marketing
    Content marketing is the strategy of developing and distributing information that’s valuable to your customers and prospects. When administered correctly, content marketing can increase mind share, brand awareness, leads, and ultimately, sales.
    Rest of issue: 21 ways to deliver content.

  • Direct marketing: no better way to generate B-to-B leads

    Direct marketing
    Direct marketing can be the most efficient and effective means of reaching B2B prospects. The idea with this method is, you invest your resources in those who are most likely to be interested in your offering and most likely to influence and/or make buying decisions.
    Rest of issue: Segmentation, integration, list management, monitoring recipients.

  • Brand (brand) n. a claim that an offering is unique, more valuable

    Brand development
    Savvy marketers identify their unique selling proposition and define it in the form of a brand message. This issue provides the rationale and steps for this strategic process.
    Rest of issue: What’s your EBM? Time for name change? Got domains?

  • Branding (brand′in) v. manage, implement, extend, fulfill a brand

    Brand management
    The brand message/position of your entity has been developed. Now the brand must be properly managed and implemented so it does what it is intended to do.
    Rest of issue: The rest of the branding action steps.

  • Trade show marketing: Gettin’ strategic with it!

    Trade show marketing
    Participating in trade shows sometimes has more to do with tradition than strategy. This issue will help you develop a strategic trade show marketing plan which improves your ROI.
    Rest of issue: More trade show strategies that maximize ROI.

  • Sales & Marketing can be one big, healthy, and wealthy family

    Sales & Marketing
    Whether you view Sales and Marketing as functions or as departments, the two should come together and complement (even compliment) the other to successfully grow your business.
    Rest of issue: 9 ways to bond Sales & Marketing.

  • B-to-B-to-C = tough equation

    Business-to-business-to-consumer marketing
    B-to-B-to-C marketing requires thoughtful strategy and tactics. Several audiences are to be considered: suppliers, buyers, merchandisers, consumers, etc. Get an insider’s view of this world…

  • B-to-B (or B2B) spelled out

    Business-to-business marketing
    B-to-B marketing warrants a very targeted, focused approach. Engaging your customers and prospects and building trust and awareness is essential. Now take aim…

  • Let’s do launch

    New product launches
    Introducing a new product or service calls for an orchestrated plan. Key steps include planning, confirming/segmenting, branding, training, launching, following up, and keeping warm. Let’s get started…

  • The softspoken (aka: softsell) branding & marketing hero

    Company newsletters
    Newsletters can offer up pertinent advice, stories, etc., in a low-pitched manner. Readers glean useful material while you enjoy another way to build brand awareness. Read on…