The softspoken (aka: softsell) branding & marketing hero

It’s relevant…it’s authoritative…it’s enlightening…it’s worth-my-time…it’s the much anticipated…newsletter!

If you view newsletters as the Clark Kent of marketing communication media—mild-mannered, boring, predictable—perhaps it’s time to rediscover this powerful branding and marketing tool.

The well-designed, well-written newsletter can offer your organization numerous super powers. It can save the day by letting customers know you’re listening to their needs. It can describe your organization’s heroic feats via real-life case studies. It can even come to the rescue by countering negative perceptions.

Holy increased leads!

Newsletters build awareness and provide cross-support in the marketing of new products or services, aiding your lead generation efforts.

A periodic newsletter and your sales force can form a ‘dynamic duo,’ with the newsletter acting as a warmer between sales calls.

A face you can trust: Information read in the context of an article is typically considered more credible than that presented in sales literature.

The incredible morphing newsletter

Newsletters can take a variety of forms. You’ll want to consider one or, ideally, all of these:

  • A tangible, ‘keepable’ format, such as a printed piece (from one-page, one-color to tabloid-size, four-color) received through the mail
  • An HTML e-mail message with a partial story and links to your website for the rest of the story (also encourages surfing and subsequent visits)
  • A section of the company website, where articles are archived

The secret formula: distribute your newsletter in all forms. Your readers will appreciate the choices and you’ll likely increase the readership.

Pow! Wam! Bam!
Borns-designed newsletters get attention

With help from Borns, your newsletter will be eagerly anticipated and read by your audience. We apply the following super abilities to the creation of your newsletter:

  • Content development (topic research, interviews, and writing)
  • Publication naming and design
  • Editing of any provided articles/content
  • Photography, illustrations, and graphics to support stories
  • Multiple format development
  • Ongoing help with content planning

Using enticing graphics, creative names and mastheads, attractive layouts, pertinent information, and compelling writing, Borns creates newsletters that get noticed, are read, build brand awareness, and increase leads.

Not bad, considering we’re mere mortals. For more information, contact Randy Borns at

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The softspoken (aka: softsell) branding & marketing hero
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Newsletters can take on a variety of identities, including:

written just for a given audience (such as customers and prospects; employees; dealers/distributors/ sales force)

all stories in a given issue relate to one topic

aimed at establishing a desired position for your company and/or brands

Daily Planet or occasional Bat signal?
How often you publish your newsletter depends on the amount of content that can be generated, your budget and other resources, your target audience, etc. For some organizations, an annual newsletter distributed at the big trade show makes the most sense; for others, it’s a monthly publication.