Agility Therapy

Agility Therapy manages the rehab departments of hospitals and long-term care facilities. They also recruit physical and occupational therapists and speech-language pathologists for their clients.

Agility needed a branding and marketing program that would help them compete with national firms in winning contracts and attracting therapists.

Brand strategy
Borns got things started with their reDiscover brand development process. A key part of the process is a survey of Agility’s customers to determine what is most important to our . We discovered that Agility’s ‘willingness to be adaptable, agile, and responsive to the needs of their customers’ was rated highest over their other attributes. Borns coined the word flexagility™ to convey this unique selling proposition.

Online strategy
A very important part of Borns’ eDiscover website research and planning process is keyword research. New website content was developed incorporating the applicable, highest scoring keyword terms.

Keyword integration improved search results from 2% to 22% in less than two months after Agility’s new site was launched.

Keyword research also revealed that it made sense to change the name of the company from Agility Health to Agility Therapy. The domain was available. Borns’ research also showed Agility Therapy was trademarkable.

The planning part of the eDiscover process includes generation of a site map that addresses the first two to three phases of a new site.

Marketing communications
Borns then went about developing Agility’s tactical library which included a new website, trade show exhibit, collateral for events and meetings with clients and prospects. The new brand image is woven throughout each component.

Agility Therapy - Flexagility brand identity