JB Laboratories

JB Laboratories is a contract manufacturer of OTC (Over-The-Counter) pharmaceutical and nutritional products. JB has enjoyed strong, steady growth, and as one of its executives put it, “We need to look like the size of company we’ve become.”

Brand strategy
JB’s, employee-owners consistently go beyond what is expected by its customers. JB associates proactively look for efficiencies and opportunities to add value. Cost savings are commonly passed on to its customers.

Major customers confirmed that JB’s proactive and value-add propensities were very important to them in a survey conducted by Borns. Based on this distinction, Borns conceived the brand message Valuactive® at every step to depict JB’s unique approach to its turnkey manufacturing process.

Web strategy
Borns also developed a new website for JB. Valuactive anecdotes by JB associates were used throughout the site to prove the brand message.

Borns discovered that someone Googled Valuactive before the brand message was officially launched. The search coincided with a trade show where JB’s new identity was featured on the exhibit Borns designed.

Google indexed jblabs.com in only 10 days instead of the more typical 30 to 90 days, all because of how Borns designed and optimized the website.

Borns released a Brandvertising direct marketing campaign to introduce the new brand and website to JB’s target audience.

JB Laboratories has since been purchased by Perrigo Company.

JB Labs - Valuactive brand identity