Kaydon Bearings

Kaydon Bearings is a leader in thin section ball bearings and slewing ring bearings.

Brand strategy
The Kaydon/Borns relationship started with the reDiscover brand strategy. Borns research determined that customers find Kaydon to be ‘flexible, versatile, customer-oriented, and responsive.’ Their customers appreciate that Kaydon will fill order volumes from one-offs to thousands, and that they provide a huge range and breadth of product types, sizes, materials, and options.

“Borns discovery process made it clear to us that Kaydon’s unique offering is infinite solutions to the complex challenges no other supplier is willing or able to solve,” said Brian Walters, Kaydon marketing manager.

“Research showed that our customers value our exceptional engineering expertise and willingness to create virtually infinite solutions for complex bearing challenges,” said Jeff Manzagol, Kaydon president. “Our new ‘Kaydon infinite bearing solutions’ brand message conveys that, while our category brands—‘Thinfinite®’ and ‘Slewinfinite®’—underscore our position as inventor and leader in thin section bearings and North America’s leader in slewing ring bearings.”

Web strategy
As the new brand was being developed Borns also guided Kaydon through their proprietary eDiscover website research and planning process.

“The new site was developed with our customers in mind, providing more information and a clean, easy-to-navigate design,” said Walters. “It features an improved search function, more product and market information, and additional drawings, specifications, and downloads.”

The Kaydon Bearings website is seeing 180% more page views, 140% more new visitors, and 175% more returning visitors. This improvement is impressive since Kaydon already enjoyed substantial website traffic.

Inquiries increased from 54% to 88% per month the first 12 months the new site was up. The quality of leads are very good resulting in pending orders and direct sales in over half of the cases.

Lead tracking
Borns recommended that Kaydon implement a lead management process to track the sources of leads—trade ads, trade shows, web inquiries, etc.—to determine the conversion of leads to sales.

Kaydon had been spending six-figures annually on trade magazine advertising. It was determined that ad inquiries or ‘leads’ were not turning into sales. In fact, the only leads that converted into sales were from KaydonBearings.com which was built by Borns.

Lead generation
Kaydon wanted to increase their share of the mining industry globally so, Borns developed a Brandvertising direct marketing program to target this segment. This started with building a prospect database with contacts on 4 continents.
A multi-touch camapign conveyed Kaydon’s offer to 1,500 recipients. The communiques were spread over an 8-week period. RFQ’s came in quickly and steadily.

The campaign was timed to culminate with MINExpo, the premier mining show in North America. Before the show even opened Kaydon closed $1.3M in sales. Kaydon got 50% more leads at MINExpo than they typically do at shows of this magnitude.

RFQs and sales continued for months and Kaydon’s ROI reached 100x. All sales were to new customers. Borns continued with a yearlong lead nurturing program.

Kaydon Bearings - Thinfinite category brand identity