Lakeshore Fittings

Lakeshore Fittings designs and machines standard and custom brass fittings. They hold patents on five innovative lawn and garden products. Their industry had become commoditized so, they wanted to define what differentiated them. They hired Borns to reDiscover their brand and build awareness among their existing and potential customers.

Brand identity
Borns revitalized Lakeshore’s identity. This started with a name change from ‘Lakeshore Automatic Products’ to ‘Lakeshore Fittings’ to more clearly state what they offer. Borns’ research found ‘fittings’ to be the most commonly used keyword when people are searching for this type of product. This provided additional rationale for the name modification.

Brand message
There was little differentiation among companies in the fittings industry. So, Borns surveyed Lakeshore’s customers and found the most important quality to them was Lakeshore’s accommodating customer service. Customers revealed that this is a rare trait among suppliers.

Borns wanted to capture their accommodating aspect along with Lakeshore’s innovative nature since neither is offered by the rest of the industry. Borns coined the word AccomovativeTM which blends ‘accommodating’ and ‘innovative’ to convey this unique selling proposition to the market.

Product brand
Lakeshore designed the first eight-sided hose fitting in industry. They made another seven enhancements to the conventional fitting for a total of eight. This is an example of Lakeshore Fittings’ innovation.

Borns named this new fitting OctightTM to capture the eight ‘reasons’ which includes the fact that someone can simply hand-tighten the fitting without it leaking.

Borns redesigned Lakeshore’s sun logo as an octagon to link the company and the Octight product identity.

Just prior to hiring Borns, Lakeshore launched a new website. While their new site had adequate content, it was not search engine optimized. To solve this, Borns conducted keyword research and integrated the highest-scoring keywords into Lakeshore’s existing site. Just 45 days after Borns optimized the website traffic had increased 200%. The portion of visitors that found the site from search increased from 17% to 59%. Keyword search terms used to find site increased from 21 to 191.

Pre-, at-, post-show response
Based on Lakeshore’s booth traffic at NAHAD, an industry convention, a pre-show Brandvertising campaign was very effective. Lakeshore had the busiest booth for the duration of this annual event. The staff heard many great comments such as, “Lakeshore is one of the companies I came to see.” Attendees showed a lot of interest in Octight which was featured in the pre-show campaign.

In addition to many show leads, Lakeshore continued to get inquiries weeks later. Direct marketing begins the show before it opens and extends the show, for a period, after it closes.

Lakeshore offers standard fittings which are marketed via a catalog. Borns redesigned the catalog to coordinate with the new Lakeshore marketing communications pieces accentuating their new brands.

The new catalog makes product selection easier. It also cross-sells Lakeshore’s other offerings: custom fittings, lead-free brass, and the Octight line.

The catalog was introduced at this year’s NAHAD convention. The feedback included, “Everyone loves the new catalog. The PDF version of the catalog on the flash drive was a big hit.”

Lakeshore Fittings - Octight brochure