Metal Flow

Metal Flow is a deep-drawn components and assemblies supplier to the automotive industry. To commemorate its 30th year and prepare for the next level, the company engaged Borns to enhance its brand and redesign its marketing communications.

Brand strategy
As Borns guided Metal Flow through its brand discovery process, it became apparent that this family-owned company prospered due to its commitment to excellence in every aspect of the organization. Metal Flow’s customers confirmed this in a survey conducted by Borns. Based on this discovery, Borns coined the brand message, ‘Deeply committed—people, processes, products’. The ‘Deeply committed’ brand concept is woven throughout the new website, collateral, and trade show exhibit.

“Our new brand message and marketing communications has raised the bar in our category and set the stage for new business development,” said Keith Maki, the vice president of sales and marketing who hired Borns for the Metal Flow project.

Metal Flow - trade show exhibit