Progressive Surface

Below the surface
Borns and Progressive Surface (formerly Progressive Technologies) have enjoyed a mutually-beneficial relationship for more than a dozen years. Initially, Progressive relied on Borns only for their online marketing expertise.

“With more than half of our customers overseas, our tactical priority has been a search-friendly, content-rich website to reach our global customers and prospects,” offers Jim Whalen, Progressive’s vice president of sales & marketing.

Brand strategy
Whalen added, “We are leaders in certain surface treatment equipment categories and underdogs in others. Borns helped us define our distinction and conceived a brand message to convey our unique selling proposition across all of our market segments.”

Borns’ brand research included a segment-by-segment survey of Progressive’s customers. A majority of customers from the respective segments rated Progressive’s end-to-end process as most important to them. Their process entails:

  • thorough upfront discovery
  • process-specific design
  • lifetime of exceptional support

Borns crafted the brand message ‘Procise Process’ to encapsulate Progressive’s comprehensive process.

Borns also recommended that the 46 year old OEM change their name from Progressive Technologies to Progressive Surface to highlight their core competency: design/manufacture of world-class surface treatment machinery.

Borns designed the new Progressive Surface logotype with emphasis on ‘Pro‘ to visually/verbally tie the ‘Procise Process’ brand message and Progressive name together.

Brand launch
To announce the name change and new brand message, Borns released an email campaign to Progressive’s customers and prospects. The email spiked Progressive’s website traffic over 500%.

Borns sent a news release about Progressive’s name change and new brand message to a variety of industry trade publications. All of the magazines published the release in it’s entirety. A few editors even asked for artwork of Progressive’s new identity.

Shot Peener magazine responded with a cover story entitled “A Bold Move in Timid Times” which highlighted Progressive’s rebranding during the recession. An excerpt from the article reads, “Progressive Surface created a brand differentiation when it named its business strategy ‘Procise Process.’ A brand differentiation defines customer expectations and states how the company fulfills the expectations better than other brands (i.e., the competition). Progressive Surface delineates three elements in the Procise Process.” Download the entire article (826K Adobe PDF).

Online distribution of the news release increased web traffic for a week by 170% and first time visitors by nearly the same amount.

Brand integration
“Borns is helping us implement our new brand consistently throughout our website, trade show exhibits, literature, advertising, direct marketing, etc. By integrating all of our tactics we will clarify our position, build greater awareness, and support our long sales cycle,” concludes Whalen.

Progressive corporate identity