Trace Analytical Laboratories

Borns developed a branding and marketing communications program that positions Trace Analytical Laboratories well among larger labs.

Brand strategy
Trace’s brand identity combines a contemporary logotype with the brand message, Science of compliance. The message captures the founder’s roots in chemistry and their desire to help businesses comply with environmental standards. This rhyming tagline conveys the friendly persona that pervades this organization.

Trace wanted to distinguish their industrial hygiene service. Since competing services simply use this generic reference, Borns proposed setting Trace’s service apart from the rest with the name/descriptor WorkWell, wellness at work.

Website strategy
Trace’s website coordinates with all other components. All the company’s services are presented in great detail for visitors’ perusal. Certifications are included for easy qualification. Customers can submit an RFQ online. News is updated quarterly to show that Trace is keeping up with state and EPA requirements.

The WorkWell industrial hygiene web page served as the landing page for a direct marketing campaign.

Lead generation
Direct marketing campaigns are developed to promote new service offerings, events, the website, etc. All direct mail pieces are mailed in distinctive translucent envelopes.

Trace’s leave-behind brochure is designed to be flexible and practical to update on a regular basis with current equipment, capabilities, and EPA information. It is digitally printed in low volume.

Sampling slide chart giveaway for trade show visitors is functional and coordinates with the rest of the marketing communications program.

Trace’s trade show exhibit, featuring Trace’s signature trillium/red flask photo-illustration, captured a lot of attention at Army Corp of Engineers trade shows around the USA. At an event in Oregon, a decorated general came by to “see the booth everyone was talking about.”


Trace Labs - corporate brochure