Sell the design before making the molds

[re: product development informed by research]

Architectural hardware manufacturer

A 125 year old decorative brass manufacturer hired Borns to develop a product validation process for new hardware designs.

The intent was to help the company determine the sales potential of the collections before investing in expensive tooling.

Borns needed to develop a repeatable process to validate dozens of future product designs.

Borns surveyed interior designers and architects to get quantitative results on 7 potential hardware designs.

Not only was Borns able to determine the popularity of the designs, but whether they differed between architects and designers. Borns also got feedback on how involved the respective professionals were in hardware selection and the likelihood of them recommending each design to their clients.

Several hundred professionals responded to the survey. 3 of the 7 designs were clear favorites among those surveyed.

The research also gleaned what factors are most important to architects and designers when choosing decorative hardware.

Borns continues to conduct surveys to help their client make informed decisions about product development and marketing.

Borns' research efforts through a validation study helps hardware manufacturer
Borns designs validation study for hardware manufacturer
Hardware manufacturer validation study designed by Borns
Research leads hardware manufacturer to choose designs with most sales potential
Validation study enables hardware manufacturer to select best designs
Hardware manufacturer uses Borns for a validation study