Sales goal exceeded by 500%

[re: launching a new category of equipment]

Industrial baking equipment

This international company is known for their high-end industrial baking equipment. They wanted to leverage their reputation for durable machines while countering the reputation of being expensive.

They planned to introduce an economy version of their equipment at an upcoming trade show. The new model would cost $100K versus $500K for the original. A sales goal of 2 machines in 12 months was set.

Borns developed a pre-show Brandvertising SM direct marketing campaign that targeted 416 prospects. The emphasis was on price, short lead time, ease of use, and precision.

Email open rates and click-throughs indicated strong interest. Borns monitored the activity of the campaign recipients and prepared the sales team for inquiries.

2 units were sold before the trade show. Within a few weeks 3 more units were sold, surpassing the original sales goal. All sales were to new customers.

Full credit for the immediate $500K in sales was given to Borns.

Borns direct marketing helps baking equipment manufacturer introduce new product offering