Repackaging a legacy product

[re: regaining the market share lost over decades]

Reusable and recyclable industrial packaging

Bradford Company makes reusable and recyclable industrial packaging. Reusable has become Bradford’s dominant offering while their recyclable paperboard line runs a distant second.

A brand awareness survey, conducted by Borns, revealed that customers believe Bradford is competitive, reliable, and provides exceptional service.

Based on the strong feedback and because paperboard complements reusable packaging, Bradford decided to reinvest in this part of its 5th generation enterprise.

Bradford hired an account manager and contracted Borns to establish a paperboard lead generation program.

Borns profiled Bradford’s ideal customers and built a database to target the most viable segments.

The paperboard section of Bradford’s website was optimized by Borns. Web traffic increased 162% and organic search results dramatically increased 2,233%.

After each release to #200 to #400 prospects in 3 to 5 states, Bradford gains 5 to 7 new customers.
Borns releases a direct marketing campaign intermittently to allow Bradford time to follow-up with each campaign recipient.

The Bradford sales manager says, “We are definitely busy and the campaigns helped us get there.” Bradford has added new equipment to expand capacity and keep up with the demand.

An interesting mail piece led to interest and increased sales
Packing webpage optimized results in increased sales