Data-driven plan

B-searchSM market research and planning

Whatever the goal of your expedition—increase the market share of an existing product/service; launch a new offering; or target segments with specific offerings—market research and planning significantly increases the chance that the objective will be met or exceeded.

The optimum B-to-B marketing route begins with a research-based plan.

Customer data is golden
Any organization with a sales and marketing function should maintain a database (e.g., CRM) which includes details of past, current, and prospective customers. In addition to better serving customers, this type of data is key when trying to identify segments that can help grow the business.

The ideal customer profile
When conducting B-search we often start by creating a profile of our client’s ideal customer base. That is, which customers are the most desirable and sustainable based on the relationship history.

Ideal customers beget ideal prospects
We build prospect lists for our clients that are based on the profile of their ideal customer. When prospects cross industry segments, we help prioritize the marketing initiatives. We create proactive campaigns and supporting marketing communications that are relevant to each market segment.

Looking toward the horizon
We can glean insight beyond a customer base. In order to get a comprehensive view of the landscape, additional studies may include industry and competitive research.

Once we have a panoramic view of the market, we are able to create a plan to strategically increase market share and/or target new markets.

The payback
By conducting in-depth research we are able to be intentional and targeted with the marketing tactics. The result is an impressive return-on-investment (ROI).

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