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BrandvertisingSM direct marketing / lead generation

100x return on investment (ROI)
A client bought a prospect list from a publisher and ran ads in their trade magazine. After 2 years of prospecting and advertising, they had no luck penetrating this market.

Borns B2B analyzed the list and determined it was outdated and needed to be appended and merged with other lists. Once they enhanced the database, Borns developed a lead generation program targeting equipment owners on four continents. The result was an impressive ROI of 100x for Borns’ client.

Sales goal exceeded 250%
Another client of Borns was able to quickly sell five $100,000 machines solely as the result of a Brandvertising campaign, prompting the VP of sales and marketing to say, “I’ve never seen anything like it…it was as easy as A+B=C.” The return for this client was 19x their investment.

No better B-to-B lead generator
Given that most business-to-business marketers need to reach relatively small, distinct audiences, direct marketing is especially efficient and productive. Direct marketing allows you to steer resources toward those prospects who are most likely to be interested in your products or services and who influence and/or make buying decisions.

Borns’ Brandvertising direct marketing process provides intelligence for the sales and marketing team, generates quality leads, and oftentimes results in immediate sales and/or new customers.

A targeted, attention-grabbing Brandvertising program can quickly build awareness and mind share while providing valuable information to your marketing and sales teams. Brandvertising makes the strongest impact in the least time, creates lasting impressions, and generates qualified leads.

From building brand awareness to measuring interest in your company and its products/services to integrating sales and marketing, Borns’ Brandvertising direct marketing program is the most manageable, proactive tactic out there.