Optimized to perform

eDiscoverSM website planning and research

eDiscover reveals a lot about your website as well as competitive sites, such as:

  • Pages indexed with the search engines
  • Search terms bringing visitors
  • Search engine rankings
  • Title tags configured for SEO
  • Meta descriptions getting clicks
  • Click-through rates
  • Most popular content

What are they up to?
Borns discovered that a competitor of a new client purchased a URL matching the name of our client’s equipment. The intent of the competitor was to sell replacement parts for our client’s original equipment.

This prompted our client to procure all domain names matching their other brand names to hold/protect or use as redirects to their main site.

A comprehensive plan
Effective, competitive websites are the result of thorough discovery and planning. The Borns eDiscover process ensures that our clients’ sites feature more than exceptional design and writing; Borns websites are relevant to a variety of users, optimized for search engines, and ‘future-proof’ to accommodate additional development phases. Read more about Borns’ approach to website development and scope of services.

eDiscover takes into account:

  • Your existing site
  • Competitive websites
  • Keyword research
  • Search engines
  • Input of all stakeholders
  • Content prioritization
  • Site mapping

Talk about optimized
Sites redesigned by Borns have seen traffic triple, thanks to the addition of fresh, pertinent content, a more user-friendly interface, search engine optimization, and other critical improvements.