Market research and planning panorama

The primary B-search services include:

  • Ideal customer profile
  • Segmentation
  • Prospect list development

Borns B2B provides complementary B-search market research and planning services, such as:

Data analysis
Borns objectively analyzes your database to identify patterns, trends, gaps, growth potentials, etc. providing you with insights for growth.

Customer satisfaction studies
We’ll find out what your customers think about your company. Along with kudos, they may reveal their peeves and less-than-positive experiences. Your customers will appreciate the fact that you care about what they think and provide some valuable feedback.

Competitive landscape evaluation
You may not have time to keep up with what your competitors are doing. We’ll keep an eye on their marketing, publicity, social media, and other activities, and develop appropriate counter measures.

Marcomm planning
An effective marketing communication program entails integrating tactics to engage your customers and prospects with a coordinated message consistent with proactive touchpoints. Borns puts a plan together based on objectives, timing, and budget.

Industry briefings and forecasts
New trends emerge every day and markets continually change. Borns sifts through mountains of information and data and delivers the news that matters the most to your business.

Customized research
Unknown territories require deep exploration. The better you know the lay of the land, the more successful your marketing expedition will be.