Integrated marketing communications

System approach
An integrated marketing communications program isn’t designed in a vacuum, but as a system of cross-supporting tactics. Each tool has an intended purpose.

A website provides immediate access and crucial early impressions that qualify your organization, products, and/or services. Interactive tools inform and educate the visitor. Downloads provide literature on-demand until the print versions can be snail-mailed. Read about Borns’ approach to website development and scope of services.

Direct marketing/lead generation
Direct marketing, done right, will be the most productive, measurable, targeted tactic of business-to-business marketing. Borns’ Brandvertising is a multi-touch method which increases the chance of engagement while providing invaluable intelligence. Brandvertising campaigns have generated an ROI as high as 100x.

Social media
Over 60% of business-to-business marketers are using social media, this is up from only 15% in 2007. Social media is about having conversations with people based on your common interests. What you or your company has to say can be interesting and engaging to existing and potential customers. This audience can find you through social media—Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, blogs. You can “pull” followers, friends, fans in with this Web 2.0 tactic.

In addition, social media can also enhance the search-ability of your website.

A product or service brochure can be produced in multiple iterations, one for each segment of your customer base. By taking advantage of digital printing, a low quantity of each version can be produced on an as-needed basis.

Industry events such as trade shows and conferences are great opportunities for face-to-face interaction with your customers, prospects, and media. Pre-show campaigns, compelling exhibits, at-show promotions and demonstrations—to name a few—provide opportunities for branding, positioning, and making lasting impressions.

News releases, articles, and case studies lend credibility and confirmation to your marketing efforts. Online distribution can spike web traffic.

Consistently consistent
Each component of an integrated marketing communication program must be absolutely consistent in terms of the visual brand identity, brand message, language, typography, colors, motif, etc. This ensures a consistent brand experience in every communique which is critical for developing and building brand awareness.