Relevantly different

reDiscoverSM brand strategy and development

Brand rationale
A business-to-business marketer must establish a brand strategy that will differentiate them within the marketplace. Otherwise, the entity runs the risk of being perceived as just another supplier/provider offering commodity products/services. If a company is seen as being no different than the rest, it will likely have to compete solely on price.

Sound all the same
“The highest quality delivered.” “We are the industry leader.” “See the difference.” We commonly see taglines like these used by companies when we review a given business-to-business market segment.

Some entities may rightfully make such claims, but these sort of generalizations certainly aren’t going to set their organization apart from the rest in their industry.

Differentiate what matters
The savvy marketer has a sense of what sets their entity and its offering apart from the competition. This distinction is known as an entity’s unique selling proposition (USP). There may be several USPs to consider, but before the marketer decides which USP to highlight, they really need their customers to weight-in. Why? Because if this distinction is not important to their customers, then it really doesn’t matter.

This is where the Borns reDiscover brand strategy process comes in. We guide marketers through brand discovery and research. We identify our client’s unique selling propositions (USPs), obtain their customers’ opinion, and create a brand message which is based on their most important USP.

Brand strategy
Branding brings unique aspects to the forefront and positions your entity as one that provides the most value and satisfaction. Your brand message sets the stage for new business development by promoting the USP. The brand strategy drives your overall marketing effort.

Now prove it!
Truly differentiating your offering is a key step of the process, but in B-to-B branding the final objective is to prove your claim or promise. So, when the brand message is not only relevant, but literal (i.e., having proof for the claim), it will make the strongest impact with your customers and prospects.

Own the brand category
The ultimate goal is to create an entirely new product/service category that customers and prospects ask for by name because there’s nothing else like it in the market.