Website development perspective

Borns B2B added website development to its list of services more than two decades ago. We knew that the internet would become one of a marketer’s most valuable tools and it has. Especially, when it is an integral part of a sales and marketing program.

Anything, anytime, anyplace
Where do we go these days for reference on a topic or to look for a product or service? The web, of course! Never have we been able to find information so quickly and in such abundance. Amazingly, it is possible to be found on the internet even when billions of websites exist.

Device-friendly sites
Your company/product/service can be accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytime via your website. Borns uses Responsive Web Design (RWD) technologies so your site is optimized for a desktop, tablet, or smart phone.

Visitor ID
Conversely, you can see who’s looking at your site, what interests them, the frequency of returns to site, when others from their organization visited, etc. You can see prospects ‘peering in the window’ before they ‘walk in the door.’

Be qualified
Whether you are a known entity or are found through search, before a potential customer will call you it’s most likely they’ll check out your website first. This is the most convenient way for potential customers to qualify your company.

What isn’t a sure thing is whether a site is visible to the search engines. Just because you built it doesn’t mean they’ll find you. When a site is created, it should be search engine optimized throughout the entire development process. And, optimizing your site for the search engines isn’t the complete story, your site content must first be relevant to your website users. New content should also be added on a continual basis.

Successful, effective sites
Borns-enhanced sites have seen traffic increase three-fold. By integrating Borns-designed sites with direct marketing campaigns, we have caused traffic to spike six-times with sustained traffic of 150%. These are sites that already have good traffic.

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