“We worked with Borns to conduct brand research and development as well as the complete redesign of our website with SEO. Everyone at the Kaydon Bearings is very pleased with their work. We are recommending Borns to other Kaydon divisions.”

“Brandvertising was a complete success, especially after 2 years of trade ads aimed at mining, from which we received 0 inquires or business.”

Brian Walters
marketing manager
Kaydon Bearings

“JB needed to look like the size of company we had become. Borns developed a brand message that described us perfectly and conveyed our unique selling proposition succinctly. Every tactic Borns developed—direct marketing, website, exhibit—was strategic, creative, and very effective.”

Jon Baker
JB Laboratories

“Our industry is a complicated one, and our company had a weakly defined identity when Borns started their work. They did an excellent job of helping us through the discovery phases and facilitating the mutual learning without imposing preconceptions of our business or industry. I believe that the process allowed for better understanding of our business and industry within our own company as well as with the Borns team.”

Bill Dang
sales director
JB Laboratories

“I think Borns strengths are two fold, customer service and creativity. The reason Oliver is so happy with Borns is the combination of these strengths. Hands down you guys are the best I have worked with.”

Jeff Murak
vice president sales & marketing
Oliver Medical

“I would rate Borns very high for customer service! A 9–10 for sure!”

Stephanie Heintz
marketing coordinator
Oliver Medical

“Borns LLC has taken the time and initiative to effectively understand our healthcare market sector. We endorse and highly recommend Borns LLC as a marketing firm.”

Ken Scholten, CEO and Chris Wright, COO
Agility Therapy

“I would rate Borns’ customer service a 10 out of 10. I cannot think of a time when we needed something that you were not there exceeding expectations for timeliness. Your organization is also excellent at understanding our corporate culture and anticipating our needs.”

Jim Whalen
vice president sales & marketing
Progressive Technologies

“I’ve found Borns to be a great partner for Progressive. Your work on our website was exceptional and was done entirely within the budget we developed together. In addition, you took the time to develop an understanding of our business and helped convince us that we needed to try new advertising strategies for our products, which we are now launching. We continue to receive positive comments from our customers regarding our ads and website. Borns is extremely customer-focused and we are happy to continue working with your team.”

Bill Barker
sales engineer
Progressive Technologies

“My life is always easier when working with Borns.”

Shelley Carl
marketing manager
Light Corporation

“I really think you all do a great job. The quality and caliber of your work is excellent. You all are great to work with and we look forward to doing so in the future!”

Terry Mead
vice president sales & marketing
G&T Industries

“Borns provided us with first class marketing support. We particularly liked their focus on electronic media, direct mail and web based marketing.”

“I’ve never seen anything like it…it was as easy as A+B=C.” (after a Brandvertising campaign generated $500K in sales in a few weeks, far exceeding Baker Perkins’ 12 month goal of $100K)

Paul Abbott
vice president sales & marketing
Baker Perkins

“We have worked with Borns LLC for over two years and found them to be very responsive to our ever-changing needs. Many times opportunities present themselves wherein quick response is required. Borns has always been ready and responsive to these opportunities.”

Greg Patterson
vice president sales & marketing

“My search for a marketing firm ended happily when we met with Borns. They were real people that presented us with real solutions. They took the time to get to know our company, our people and our business. They have given Lakeshore Fittings a fresh new feel that is going to take our business strongly into the future. Every marketing guide is very accessible and always promptly answers my questions and concerns even if they are small. Borns’ is truly a pleasure to work with. I would never call anyone else!”

Luanne Colley
sales manager
Lakeshore Fittings

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