The optimum route for


Borns B2B’s strategies and tactics are designed specifically for business-to-business (B-to-B or B2B) marketing. For 3 decades, we’ve successfully guided clients on the optimum marketing route to the summit (i.e., leads and sales).

Market with intelligence and enjoy an

amazing ROI

Whether it’s a prospect database, brand strategy, online marketing, or lead generation, we conduct research first so that whatever we develop, it is based on insight. Our clients’ marketing is efficient and effective due to preparation and conditioning (the air is thin up there).

B-search SM
market research and planning

Whatever the goal of your expedition, market research and planning significantly increases the chance that the business development objective will be met or exceeded.

reDiscover SM
brand strategy and development

What is your unique selling proposition (USP) and is it relevant to customers? Their opinion is essential. Borns finds out how important your USP is to them.

eDiscover SM
website research and planning

Borns conducts keyword and competitive research, completes a thorough analysis of your website, and uses this insight to improve the site’s performance.

Brandvertising SM
direct marketing / lead generation

Our approach to direct marketing integrates sales and marketing and is the most efficient and productive way to generate qualified B-to-B leads.

We are creative, strategic, and tactical

B-to-B guides

Borns’ expertise
• Brand strategy
• Lead generation
• Market research and planning
• Marketing communications
• Search engine optimization
• Trade show marketing
• Website planning and development

and services
• Coding / programming
• Copywriting / content development
• Database development
• Design
• Naming/branding
• Project management
• Research, analysis, and planning

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